Tests were skimped on space station parts

2019-03-07 07:11:17

By Charles Seife in Washington DC A NASA subcontractor has admitted faking reliability tests on electronic components destined for the International Space Station. Late last month RGA Labs of Torrance, California, pleaded guilty to three counts of filing false statements. The company was fined $500 000 and ordered to pay a total of $1.2 million to two of its customers. One was NASA. The other was the Department of Defense, which used RGA to test components for the B-1 bomber and C130 transport aircraft. NASA special agent Bill Miller says that the space agency received an anonymous tip-off that RGA was not performing required tests on components such as transistors. When confronted with the allegations, the company confessed. “They were indeed not only skipping tests; they were falsifying some results,” says Miller. Though Miller doesn’t believe that any components will have to be ripped out of space station modules,