Patents : Mary, Mary

2019-02-27 05:08:06

By Barry Fox MANY would-be gardeners do not know a lilac from a lobelia and cannot tell whether seedlings will grow tall or short, or what colour they will be. Yewlands of County Clare in Ireland has filed an international patent application (WO 94/19926) on a gardening aid that promises a finished garden neatly arranged with flowers in colourful patterns, with larger plants to the rear. A template, made of biodegradeable plastic, roughly matches the shape of a garden patch. This template can either be customised, or come in a range of off-the-shelf patterns. The template has holes dotted over its surface, with printed labels alongside each hole, telling the gardener which plant to push through the sheet and into the ground. For real novices, the templates are marked with pictures of plants as well as their Latin names. As the plants grow the template degrades,